Life Drawing Session on 29/09/11

As a child I was given a set of watercolour pencils which I never really got the hang of but always wished I could. Subsequently, when I started drawing again I wanted to try them. Luckily, WH Smith had a fantastic ‘back to school’ offer with 60% off, so I got a 36 pencil set for £7.00!!! I also purchased three brush pens that you can fill the barrels with water, this means you can apply the water to the pencils with ease and accuracy.

Three Minute Poses

We started as normal with some three minute poses which went rather well for me as I actually got most of the figure in and with okay proportion. It is true that you speed up with practice! As the three minute and some medium length poses were drawn in pencil I am still having trouble putting them up. However Nick had done a very good job here darkening the pencil lines.

For the long pose at the end of the session I had time to colour and water wash my picture. I was very pleased with how easy to use and blend the pencils were. However I noted it was better to apply the two / three etc. colours to the paper first and then add the water to achieve the desired colour. The water brush pens also proved a fantastic find as it was very convenient to use and then you just squeezed through more water to wash them through for the next area. My only irritation regarding my final picture is I cut off the hoop as I ran out of page – I wish I had started 2cm over!!