A not altogether sucessful follow up…

Following how pleased I was with the my long pastel in the last post, I decided at the next session to practice this medium again. However, this proved not to be one of my best efforts. I started on some black sugar paper as I didn’t have any pastel paper to hand, however this did not work as the pastel just didn’t stick. Therefore, ten minutes in I had to get some proper paper… After that, I tried to remember my previous lessons and try to be messy and build up the image in layers. However it didn’t seem to work and I ended up with a rather smudgy mess which I then outlined to give a bit of cohesiveness. I also found it difficult to give the depth of tone and detail for this picture. Although, friends have subsequently suggested that I try some pastel pencils to put in details. Hopefully I will have another go soon!

N.B.  РAlso in this session, I did my short and medium poses in pencil as normal. We are having some difficultly photographing the pencil drawings as they are very light on the page. When we have sorted this I will put up my sketchbook and do a general pencil post.


Pastels – Experimental Mondays.

It has been a long while since I posted but I have been either unable to attend or I have been modelling! We have also been on holiday so I have been very distracted!

First Ten Minute

This experimental evening was the first time I have ever used pastels. I have not been particularly drawn to them in the past as I felt I would not be able to get the same amount of detail in. However it was fun to try! We started with some short ten minute poses, I found this quite difficult as you are encouraged to be messy and rub out the pastel and draw over the top – not always ‘colouring in between the lines’ which I seem to like! I also found the proportion difficult to render accurately – this was probably due to trying to concentrate on too many new things at once so all my pictures seem a bit off to me. During the coffee break it was said that my first ten minute was my best as it is the most ‘free’ of my short poses.

Later on, with some encouragement from Laura and Shelley to get messy and draw all over the page we started on the final long pose. I found this the best pose of the night as it gave me time to relax into the drawing. Of all of my pastels, I am most pleased with this one as it is relatively in proportion and it sort of has a face – something I found very difficult to draw in with any detail!

Final Fifty Minute Pose

Experimental: Pastels

Last week’s experimental session was using Pastels – have been a bit lax with updating the blog this week (Have been on holiday!). I’ve been trying to use pastels to get into colour recently, so had a bit of a head start. I’ve only really been using them for the three hour long poses, however, so doing medium length poses with them is a bit of a novel activity.

Medium Pose

We started with three ten minute poses which was an interesting challenge. Although I had my pastel paper with me, Jake opened up a pack of multicoloured paper (mine are more neutral) and that provided an interesting experimentation avenue – when doing one pastel picture a week, you tend not to want to experiment too much.

I also discovered a very nice blue which I used for the background of the second medium pose, and the background of the second longer pose.

After the three medium poses, we had two twenty-five minute poses, one which I drew on red paper, but am not too happy with, and the other I drew on white paper Рand am quite happy with the end result (shown below). Overall, I am quite happy with what turned out to be another productive experimental session!