Long pose, and Drawing Moods

I went to the long pose on saturday, and everything seemed to be going wrong. Having a low day to begin with, our tutored oil session was cancelled at the last minute (with good reason), I didn’t have my previous weeks drawing with me to continue the pose with, and the only easel left was broken. Then, after we started the pose, I realised that there was some easels outside, but it was too late to move one in.

So, I was in a pretty dark mood as drawing started. From this, however, I managed to produce a drawing I was extremely happy with. After drawing Charlotte in the first part of the session, I decided she had a resigned expression in my drawing. Resigned to what? Death, perhaps (it is Jake’s¬†class after all). The result is below: Nuclear explosion!

I was particularly proud of the view out of the window; it turns out that it is pretty hard to draw a cityscape from imagination, so I am pretty proud of what turned out to be not half bad. The draws and picture frame on the left I felt were needed to balance what would have otherwise been a large black area – and that would unbalance the picture. The white-outline objects help balance without distracting the eye from the focus of the composition.

I was so pleased with the surprise result, that I took a little liberty and added a signature – I’m proud of this picture (and pretty chuffed to boot!). It’s interesting to observe how a dark, or bad mood, can appear to be refocused into actual productive working – perhaps I should try to apply this more often…