2012: Happy new Year!

Happy new year! It’s been quite a while since the front page was posted to (although the gallery has been kept reasonably up-to-date), so I thought it was time for an update.

November and December have been very weird months. After both of us getting terribly ill and going into hospital in mid-November, we were weak and exhausted, and this was compounded by the fact that I have been suffering from insomnia all of December. This has somewhat sidelined actively working on art projects (which is why the november card project fell beside the wayside). There are a couple of new techniques and approaches that I have picked up, and hope to post about soon, but I thought I’d take this post to list the art-related books that I received for christmas, as I am extremely happy with them.

Printmaking + Mixed Media

This is a very simple book on printmaking. This is exactly what I wanted – flicking through several books in various art shops, and looking up descriptions online only left me confused as to how to start. This book starts with simple forms of screen and block printing and seems an excellent introduction to the area.

Moonshine: Dreamworks Artists after Dark

This is a book that I have wanted for a couple of months, after watching the excellent video documentary that goes along with the book. Essentially, it’s a book of artistic images that artists who work at Dreamworks have produced in their own time. I consider it an interesting insight into the art that professional, paid artists do at home for ‘fun’.

How to draw and paint Science Fiction Art

I’ve looked at books like this one in art shops before, and the problem with an awful lot of them seems to be that they are aimed at the ultra-ultra beginner – an awful lot seem to be pretty contentless and more a step-by-step drawing instruction that an actual useful learning reference. I haven’t gone through this book yet, but it looks as though it has a nice balance – although it does have steps, they are general guidance instructions and there is an awful lot of reference imagery – it even emphasises using reference pictures to base off of. I am very much looking forward to going through this book properly.

Figures and Faces: A Sketchers handbook

This book also looks useful – I would say that it is not much use for the aforementioned ultra beginner, because there is very little text on most pages. However, there are lots of pictures, and instead of using as a read-book that teaches you things, it looks as though it will be useful as a quick reference book for ideas on how to approach a particular pose, or part of the body.

10,000 Years of Art

This is an interesting book indeed. Though small, it has 500 separate pieces of art spanning from 8000 BC to the present date, across many, many cultures. Looks like it will be an excellent reference for looking up a couple of pieces in any particular certain style.