Experimental: Pastels

Last week’s experimental session was using Pastels – have been a bit lax with updating the blog this week (Have been on holiday!). I’ve been trying to use pastels to get into colour recently, so had a bit of a head start. I’ve only really been using them for the three hour long poses, however, so doing medium length poses with them is a bit of a novel activity.

Medium Pose

We started with three ten minute poses which was an interesting challenge. Although I had my pastel paper with me, Jake opened up a pack of multicoloured paper (mine are more neutral) and that provided an interesting experimentation avenue – when doing one pastel picture a week, you tend not to want to experiment too much.

I also discovered a very nice blue which I used for the background of the second medium pose, and the background of the second longer pose.

After the three medium poses, we had two twenty-five minute poses, one which I drew on red paper, but am not too happy with, and the other I drew on white paper Рand am quite happy with the end result (shown below). Overall, I am quite happy with what turned out to be another productive experimental session!

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