Themed: Harlequin

Three-minute Poses

On thursdays, there is usually a theme to the drawing session. Today’s theme was “Harlequin”, with Luska modelling – she had her face painted white with a red eye mask, and was wearing the ruffled shoulder ‘cape’.

The three minute poses were a good start to the session, especially with the violin – I certainly think that musical instruments should be used as props more often, as it adds a certain dynamism to the poses. I have been trying to put a ‘story’, or at least some flow, into the set of short poses lately and think I did reasonably well here – I had wanted one pose facing to the left to mirror off the end of the picture, but didn’t get one – this allowed me to practice my reverse drawing some more, to get this, and it seemed to work well.

The fifteen minute poses (here and here) didn’t go so well – I tried to emulate the style from the monday session that went so well, but apart from an okay-ish first drawing, pretty much failed at doing them well (the silhouette attempt felt like a spectacular failure).

Starting the longer pose, I wasn’t feeling optimistic given the medium pose results, but then noticed the patter of the hoops against the red background. Remembering the through-glass pattern of one of the Art Nouveau examples on monday I started out wanting to draw them as patterns, but turned them into what I envisioned as a stained-glass window, in an alcove, like in a church. I was pretty happy with the results, and especially the selective colouring of the mask and flowers – I think there is enough goings on that one could imagine a story behind it…

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