Art Nouveau Drawings

Last Monday we had an experimental session with the theme Art Nouveau. This was the first time I had experienced this theme during life drawing, however I was vaguely familiar with some of the more famous images.

It started with the usual three minute poses, three fifteen minute poses and then finally two twenty-five minute poses. Unusually, the poses up to the two twenty-five minutes were clothed. This made a nice change for me as it was possible to see if I had learned anything about drawing clothing from the background fabric I like to fill in!

Third fifteen minute pose.

As normal, I completed my drawings in pencil, although we were encouraged to use pen and ink, I found that I was not confident enough to jump right in – especially without the ability to rub out! I can’t help feeling that this is my OCD neatness coming to the fore!! Although seeing how strong the images can look when outlined in pen, I decided to outline the pencil when I got home and could take a little more time on it. Also, remembering the lovely red flowers in Frankie’s hair, I decided to accent the flowers, belt and the roses positioned in some of the poses, in red. I had forgotten how nice felt-tips are! I have to admit, I am really quite pleased with the outcome of all the images as they seem bright and striking to me.

For my final twenty-five minute pose I decided to work on my colouring success and looked up patterns for a border in Frankie’s kindly lent Art Nouveau book, and google. I think that surrounding the figure in black has worked quite well – it is something I have seen Nick do a few times in the last few weeks and I have been struck each time by the way it seems to push the figure out at the viewer. Hence, I finally decided to try it out for myself. In the end, I think that the border has a slightly Indian art vibe by accident due to the sculpted patterned edging. Regardless of the deviation from the theme, I am pleased with how the pattern encompasses the figure.

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