Still Alive….

Okay, so I’d understand if the title is a little hard to believe; We have been crazily busy and have basically forgotten to update the blog, in months! That’s okay though, because we can always start again! I’ve been doing some awesomely fun stuff lately, developing my skills in oil painting (exciting!) pencil (which I never really did before) and starting to work on digital!

Guilford Grimm's

For now, I’d like to post my first attempt at digital colouring of one of my drawings. Having missed the main event of the Grimm Tales show in Brighton, we took the opportunity to attend the mini-version at The Keystone, in Guilford, on the 22nd of April. I only spent just over an hour drawing, as Jake asked if I would like to take photos, as I had my decent camera on me.


Five-minute Poses

However, in the second half I managed to do a few, quick, five-minute poses. I’ve started playing around with Sharpie pens, especially as I got hold of some “Bristol Board” – ultra-white paper, that looks absolutely awesome with the contrast of the deep, black pens.

Of the three of these, I liked the one of Sofia as the devil most of all – and decided that the hard edges of this medium would make an ideal candidate for colouring on my computer. I’ve seen the results of other artist’s doing this, especially some of the illustrators, and have always been fascinated at the idea of trying it.

The results can be seen below – after putting into Photoshop, I used the multiply blending to add colour; probably not the best way to approach it, but the easiest I could immediately think of. Presumably playing around will find easier ways. I’m pretty pleased with this result – especially for a first attempt. I haven’t added any detail that wasn’t in the original, bar a couple of shade separation colourings, which leaves the colouring looking pretty flat, but I’m definitely happy with this, and will definitely be continuing on!

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