Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Blog – Drawn Together!

This is the first time I have started a blog as the idea has never appealed to me before now. However, I was persuaded by Nick – it does seem a particularly good way to compile and share our pictures and my other craft projects! I hope that it may also prove interesting to someone else.

Arts and crafts has always been something I have enjoyed. Some of my earliest memories are of drawing and I have always loved to glue stuff! However, in my late teens I rather lost touch with drawing etc. as there were too many other pressures. It is great to now have that bit of extra spare time to donate to a hobby I love and can improve at. I have also found it wonderful to be able to share this hobby with Nick and be able to do it together.

As Nick has already said most of the images added will be in conjunction with a life drawing sessions we regularly attend and enjoy as a means to improving our drawing. These sessions have recently started running experimental workshops which give you an opportunity to try different techniques – I hope I will find other art mediums that appeal to me! I also like to make other craft projects such as papier-mâché, acrylic painting, wax sculpture* and jewellery* – beads and ribbon (* only just started!). Next weekend we are attending a oil painting session so we will be able to discuss how it went. I recently saw some fantastic images of silk painting which I would love to try, I will write about that in the near future when I have got the materials! Basically, you can see we have a lot of ideas and plans for future art projects! I hope that putting it out on the internet will maybe encourage others to try something new or just find our triumphs or failures entertaining!

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